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Good deed helps pay for dog's surgery

Good deed helps pay for dog's surgery

CLINTON, N.J. - A conversation about a Warren County woman's dog's surgery lead to a generous response from a giving customer.

Last Saturday was a tough day for Christina Summitt.

"I was devastated," said Summitt. "I can't put into words how much it hurt."

Christina's three year old dog Tucker, was in the middle of major surgery while she was bartending at the Holiday Inn, in Clinton, New Jersey.

The Labrador/Great Dane mix actually swallowed a ball.

A paw print tattoo on Christina's arm got people talking at the bar.

"I'm showing them my pics and they're showing me their pics and we're all talking about doggie stories," added Summitt. "I said you know my Tucky is sick right now and if you guys could all have great thoughts for him. Of course they offered them right away."

Then Summitt closed the tab for a customer, went back to the register, and saw a big surprise.

"Immediately my eyes filled with tears because I'm thinking what is this, this isn't right," said Summitt.

The bill paid in full and in the tip line: $1,000, a tip she had to confirm with her sister.

"She said a swear word, 'Oh my God there is three,'" added Summitt. "There is three zeroes and I said, 'That's $1,000.'"

Mangers confirmed the tip with the customer.

"It's very much true," said Gulshan Chhabra, owner of the Holiday Inn. "They did give her a thousand dollar tip."

The man wants to remain anonymous, but told the staff he owns a Mercedes dealership in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"This guy was meant to come in here that day," added Summitt. "And meet me and do this wonderful thing because it made his day. It didn't just make my day."

Now that Tucker's on the mend, Christina wants to make sure the ripple effects of this good deed continue to spread.

"You don't have to give somebody $1,000 to make them feel good or pay it forward," said Summitt. "It's totally about the thought it could be the littlest thing. I hold the door for a stranger or I help you when you drop something from your grocery bag."

Tucker still has staples in his stomach and is not allowed to do all the activities a dog his age would do.

He is on the mend and the bill for his surgery is almost paid off thanks to a good deed.

"It's just all this has been so crazy," said Summitt.

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