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Governor Christie holds town hall in Flemington

Christie holds town hall meeting in Flemington, New Jersey

FLEMINGTON, N.J. - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entered the St. Magdalen de Pazzi Parish Center to a standing ovation.

He then talked about a tax increase looming over Trenton.

"One of the compromises I had to make in order to get the cap passed, the arbitration cap, was to sunset it on March 31, 2014," the Governor said

The two percent arbitration tax cap was passed in 2010.

Christie says if it's lifted, taxpayers will see an increase to pay for public worker contracts.

During the question and answer session, people asked Christie about medical marijuana, education funding, and firing a top aide over the Bridge Gate scandal in Fort Lee.

Christie responded by saying he fired Bridget Kelly over her alleged part. He also reassured the crowd he didn't know about the plan.  

"What happened in that circumstance is unacceptable, not approved by me, would never be approved by me," Christie said.

Meanwhile, protestors who attended the town hall say they were left with more questions than answers.

Ann Vardeman of New Jersey Citizen Action said, "Governor Christie answered questions for over an hour. But even after the governor left the building, there were still a group of protesters who wanted their questions answered."   

"We want to know where the traffic study is. There were children stuck on buses for hours, there was a woman delayed getting to the hospital," she added.

Each member of Vardeman's group stood wearing t-shirts that spelled Bridgegate.  It was part of a different approach they used to get the Governor's attention.

"He won't answer questions if you're yelling out over people. So we decided that we were going to come in, we were going to follow rules, we're going to be respectful and we're going to try to get our question asked, and he still didn't call on us," said Vardeman.

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