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Great Meadows School District closes for flu

Great Meadows School District closes for flu

GREAT MEADOWS, N.J. - Snow days, winter break and now flu-like symptoms are keeping students out of school in one New Jersey community.

The Great Meadows Regional School District closed three schools so they could be sanitized.

A parent says students started going home sick Wednesday.

Then last night the district made the call that three of the four schools would close.

"It's snowballing at this point already," said Mike McGreevy, a parent that has three children in the district.

Parents in the Great Meadows Regional School District aren't talking about the snow produced by mother nature.

They're talking about the growing number of sick students.

"Wednesday I got a call from the nurse that he had a slight fever, so I went and picked him up," added McGreevy. "At that point she told me there were a lot of kids going home."

McGreevy said by Thursday night the district called parents and posted a message on the website saying Liberty Township Elementary, Central Elementary, and Great Meadows Middle School would be closed for cleaning due to a number of staff and students sick with flu-like symptoms.

"Health-wise it's important," said McGreevy. "My wife is a nurse and she knows all about it too. Instead of getting everybody sick, all the teachers sick, and everybody else have problems later down the road, it's probably a good precaution."

District officials were not in the office to comment due to it being sanitized.

The only workers at the schools were custodians cleaning everything from top to bottom.

Some say they've never heard of a school taking a "sick" day, but if it means keeping students healthy it's a much needed day off.

A nurse at the Warren County Health Department tells us it applauds the district's decision to close Friday.

She says the area has seen a high number of people with flu-like symptoms and anything to keep hard surfaces germ-free is a good thing.

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