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Hell's Kitchen chef a local celebrity

Hell's Kitchen chef a local celebrity

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - She's been a high school sports star and now Chef Christina Wilson is in the top six chefs on the reality show Hell's Kitchen.

The chef took time out of her busy schedule and came back to where it all started for a viewing party.

There are a lot of people standing in line for a chance to see Chef Christina Wilson.
While at Phillipsburg High School, many say they knew her as Christina, the three-sport athlete.

"It's so exciting," said Colleen Laros, Christina's mother. "I feel like she's really representing herself well.

"Just watching her is so exciting and being here tonight," added Larry Shout, a former basketball coach. "The biggest thrill for my life with her right now is she did remember me."

Chef Wilson is one of the top six finalists on the reality cooking show Hell's Kitchen.
The winner gets a head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.

For weeks she's been trying to get back to Phillipsburg to host a viewing party with family and friends.

"I only wanted to do one big viewing party and there was never a question, we wanted to do it here," said Wilson.

After signing autographs, giving hugs and reuniting with friends. It was time for what Christina does best, watch her cook.

"The hometown, the Lehigh Valley in general but Phillipsburg specifically, has just been so supportive," said Wilson.

This week's episode was a repeat. Soon Chef Wilson will be thrown back in the fire wearing her red and white chef's apron, but she's still not serving up any answers about if she is the winner.

"I can't," she adds. "Keep watching is all I can say. Hopefully, obviously I want to be there."

People say they're just happy to be watching their friend on Monday night.

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