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Locals hold balloon releases for Sandy Hook victims

Locals hold balloon releases for Sandy Hook victims


Touched by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school last Friday, two communities gathered today to honor the victim's memories.

About 75 people gathered in Phillipsburg New Jersey Saturday.  Shivering in the cold, they sent their love to the 27 victims in Newtown Connecticut.

"We're trying to send messages to the angles up in heaven that we care," said Brandi Vanarsdale.  "And they're not forgotten about and will never be forgotten about."

Dozens of white and green balloons carried that message into the sky.

"There are families up there who are hurting really bad in Newtown Connecticut," explained Kathy Crivellaro.  "We just want them to know that we hurt with them, we're grieving too."

The tribute lasted less than a minute.  It's the pain that lingers.

"It's heartbreaking, those kids were so precious," said Crivellaro holding back tears.

"I'm devastated, I feel so awful," shared Alyssa Duckworth.  "Every time I think about how scared they must have been and you know they don't get to go home for Christmas."

"I didn't think I would be crying but it's just I think about my own kid, and I'm sure everyone else is thinking about their child and how devastating it would be for them not to be here around the holidays and through all this," added Vanarsdale.

Folks in Berks County also offered up their support.  A group of about fifty people huddled together in the cold at the3rd and Spruce Playground in Reading.

"I wanted to recognize the children that were killed in Connecticut and I wanted my daughter to be a part of it," explained Stacie Adams.

"I just want to show my sympathy and let those parents know that we are supporting them," said Tara Dorsey.  "And give them a little piece of mind around the holidays."

They prayed together, and grieved together.  Then released the balloons.

"They were babies," cried Dorsey.  "I can't even talk about it, they were babies."

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