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N.J. Boy enters White Cloud drawing contest

Kid competes to design White Cloud package

STEWARTSVILLE, N.J. - A sixth grader in Warren County, New Jersey hopes his masterpiece will end up in homes everywhere so he can give back to a hospital that's helped him.

Doctors diagnosed Sean Green, 12, with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) four years ago.

"My mom explains it to me like a broom. Everyone else has a broom to get out the junk in your lungs. Well, my broom only has like three bristles," said Sean Green.

There is no cure for PCD. Sean struggles to breathe on a daily basis, but a mix of medicines and therapies help make the symptoms more liveable.

Sean spends a lot of time at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for treatments, tests and trials.

While at CHOP, Sean often occupies himself with crafts. Stuck in the hospital for hours at a time, Sean said drawing pictures helps distract him from being sick.

He sometimes invents languages, even his own planets, on paper.

Sean has a pile of notebooks in his bedroom that are full of designs he created while in a hospital bed.

The outgoing pre-teen may soon share his creativity with the world.

A few months back, Sean designed a tissue box that illustrates what he likes most about school.

Following the theme of "what do you like most about school," Sean drew images that remind him of art class, music class, gym class and field day.

"Don't you want to put anything about math, language arts, anything academic? He's like, 'it's about what I like about school. So, I'm going to draw what I like about school," said Mary Beth Green, Sean's mom.

Two weeks ago, Sean found out he is a finalist in the White Cloud Tissue Box Design Contest.

"I almost collapsed I was like, 'really, I am still in this thing?!" Sean Green exclaimed.

If Sean's design receives the most votes, he'll win $15,000 for CHOP and a year's supply of tissues.

"For a kid with sinus problems and who has to blow his nose a lot, I would think free tissues for a year and my picture on a tissue box would be pretty helpful around the house," Sean Green joked.

You can vote for Sean once every hour by logging on to Facebook, liking the White Cloud Page, and clicking on Sean's design. The contest ends at midnight on January 31st.

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