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N.J. officials looking for thieves targeting homes

N.J. officials looking for thieves targeting homes

KNOWLTON TWP., Pa. - Police from two states are working to catch a group of thieves who are breaking into homes during the day and making off with a lot of loot!

New Jersey state police have been meeting with residents of Knowlton Township, Warren county, New Jersey.

"I believe it was well over 50," said Lisa Patton, municipal clerk for Knowlton Township. "It was standing room only and out into the hallway."

Detectives working the case say a rash of burglaries have been occurring during the daytime hours.

"Knocking on a door, if nobody's home they go around and try to either kick in a back door or break-in a window and get in and out of there as quickly as they can," added Lt. Stephen Jones, public information officer for the New Jersey state police department.

Investigators believe a group of thieves may be working together.
So far six arrests have been made, 10 to 12 cases are pending charges, and at least 10 more are still under investigation.

But police want people to keep their guard up because the criminals could still be in the area.

"Mostly for everyone to work together to help solve the problem," said Patton.

Police did give residents a few prevention tips. They include forming a neighborhood watch group and looking out for any suspicious vehicles in the area.

"We're also encouraging people to use security cameras or security systems in their home if they can install them," said Patton.

New Jersey state police are also working with Pennsylvania state police investigators.

"We frequently see that things stolen in one area are going to be sold in another area," added Jones. "So we're going to be making sure we're working with Pennsylvania authorities that we are checking pawn shops in those area."

More eyes to watch out for thieves on the loose and a chance to give some residents in Knowlton Township a peace of mind.

"We do think with the joint effort, these crimes will be solved," said Patton.

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