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New Jersey tax to have drivers paying more for gas

NJ gas tax hike has drivers paying more (Emma Wright, WFMZ)

Gas prices in New Jersey are going up. Gov. Chris Christie has signed legislation that will hike the state's gas tax by 23 cents. The money will go toward funding a $16 billion transportation program.

It's the first time in almost 30 years that New Jersey's gas tax is being raised. It will take the state's gas tax from the 49th highest in the country to the sixth.

Drivers said they aren't happy to hear the price per gallon will be going up.

"Any extra money takes away from taking care of me and my family," said driver Darrell Proctor. "I'm trying to save everything I can just to take care of my family, so it's just not fair."

"We shouldn't be paying that much for gas, especially when people need to travel for work," he said.

The gas tax legislation signed by Christie also includes cuts to sales and estate taxes. The law goes into effect on November 1.

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