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Phillipsburg public housing residents are put on notice

Tenants told they have to remove yard items, sheds

Pburg public housing residents are put on notice

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - Some Phillipsburg, New Jersey residents aren't too happy with a recent notice they got in the mail.

Tenants of public housing are being asked to remove all personal items from their yards and driveways.

On March 14th every tenant received a notice stating "tenants will no longer be responsible for mowing the grass" due to "liability risks".

However in order to "safely implement" the changes, some tenants say the Housing Authority is going overboard.

"I don't feel they can do this to us, we're paying our rent it's not like we're a nobody," said tenant Eva Smith who's lived in her home for 50 years.

Effective immediately, no personal items may be left unattended on the grounds which include grassed and bricked areas as well as driveways, blacktop and outside stairs.

Almost everything from planters to bicycles must be taken indoors.

According to the notice, any items left unattended will be picked up and put into storage for a maximum of seven days.

Fences and sheds must also be removed by April 1st in order to "repair/reseed the affected areas".

There are exceptions to the rule.

Lawn furniture, grills and garbage and recycling cans can be kept outside as long as they're stored behind the building.

Still, Smith is working on a petition so their voices are heard.

"In my book, I don't think they should have the right to tell you what to do if we're keeping it up," said Smith.

A call to the Phillipsburg Housing Authority was not immediately returned.

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