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Princeton offers several homes for free, with a pretty big catch

Princeton offers several homes for free, with a catch

PRINCETON, N.J. - In the market for a quaint fixer upper? Or, how about a shingled-style home with a great front porch?

Well, Princeton University in New Jersey has a deal for you.

From the run-down to a regal, brick mansion, Princeton is looking to unload some real estate to make room for a new arts and transit center.

Seven of the university-owned homes on Alexander Street are being offered for free, but there is a pretty big catch. The homes have to be hauled away, and the new owner has to pay for it.

"I've seen a couple shows on TV. I would imagine at least $100,000," said John Smith, when asked how much he thought it would cost to move one of the homes.

The $100,000 figure isn't far off, according to some moving companies we checked with.

Aside from moving the mortar, be prepared to pay utility companies to cut down trees and remove power lines.

Also, according to one moving company, it's just about impossible to move a 2-story house more than a block.

In reality, very few, if any, of the homes homes will be moved and saved, said Kurt Wayton, an area school teacher.

"I think it's tragic in America where have so many historical that can't be preserved," said Wayton. "They don't make these buildings anymore in terms of their construction, quality."

The homes have until the end of April to be moved. If not, the wrecking ball will come. Those interested can contact Princeton.

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