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Rash of car burglaries in Phillipsburg

Car break-ins

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - Four car burglaries, two stolen vehicles, and it all happened over a nine-day span in Warren County, New Jersey. Phillipsburg Police tell 69 News the crimes all happened on different streets in the town. Wallets, purses and personal items were all swiped.

"It's kind of sad really," shared Danny Wismer. "I mean I feel kinda bad that someone was that desperate to need something of somebody else's that badly."

"Does it make me a little afraid, yeah it does because I have a daughter who has a vehicle outside," Tom Sulick added.

The spree started on April 10 on Bullman Street. Police say a Jeep parked on the road was stolen. Authorities say from April 15 through April 17, cars were broken into on John Mitchell Avenue, Heckman Street and Green Street.

A car parked on South Main Street was also stolen overnight. According to investigators, a crook hit again on April 19, this time burglarizing a car parked along Memorial Parkway.

In some of the cases, the cars were left unlocked Officials say folks need to be vigilant about locking up and keep things like wallets and purses out of sight.

"I guess if someone wants something bad enough door, window, locked, unlocked, they're gonna take it," lamented Wismer. "It doesn't make you feel particularly good."

"Now that I've been made aware of it I'm gonna definitely have an eye open," explained Sulick. "Talk to some of the neighbors and maybe have a little you know, watch out."

Investigators have not said if these crimes are connected. If you know anything please call Phillipsburg Police at 908-454-1121 or visit the department's website.

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