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Students celebrate Pi Day

Students celebrate Pi Day

LOPATCONG TWP., N.J. - Friday is Pi Day.

Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14, which is why March 14 (3/14) has become known as Pi Day.

Lopatcong Township Middle School celebrated with a fun and educational concert.

Two of the school's teachers are in a band called 2 Plus 1 and they present a program called Math Rocks! to teach math concepts.

"Growing up I loved music, I still love it to this day," said sixth grade math teacher and band member Gary Hank. "I wasn't a big math fan. You put the two together, you learn from music."

"We use classic rock, a lot of Beatles," he added.

"I can hear them repeating lines of the songs and even saying, 'I can't get that out of my head,' so it works," said band member Anne Bercaw, who is a sixth grade in-class support and resource room teacher.

"I love the connection with the students. I love the connection with math and music because there certainly is one," she added.

Students said the catchy tunes and math tips do the trick.

"When you're taking a test you're like, 'oh yeah I remember that song' and then so I remember it for my test," said sixth grader Olivia Leahy.

"Math is my favorite subject," said Robby Martin, also in sixth grade. "The songs especially help us, too."

Students also did activities in class and ate pies in honor of pi day.

After a fun concert with everyone singing along, the icing on the cake of this pi day was that Hank was named the school's teacher of the year.

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