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Voters head to the polls for NJ primary

It's primary day in New Jersey

WARREN COUNTY, N.J. - Voters headed to the polls in New Jersey for the state's primary election Tuesday.

Low voter turnout was expected, but Bill Duffy with the Warren County Board of Elections was staying busy.

"I've been working with mail-in ballots. We have to check the certifications to make sure signatures check and go through all that information to make sure we're getting proper identification and so forth," said Duffy. "Just keeping everything going to make sure that we get ready for tonight when the poll workers bring back the CD's so we can count the ballots from the machines."

Duffy said there are 89 polling locations in Warren County.

"We have to be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. no matter whether one person shows out or all of the voters show out," he said.

Voters who came out to cast ballots at a polling location in Lopatcong Township told 69 News they wanted their voices heard and they encouraged others to do the same. Lopatcong voters weighed in on the race for mayor among other races.

"I always do. It's my civic duty," said voter Paul Whitman. "Just come on out and vote, whichever side you're on, whoever you're voting for, make your vote count because it doesn't count unless you do."

"I think they should take advantage of it because if they're going to complain about it later at least they've done something about it beforehand," said voter Leslie Fronczak.

Voter James Winterfeld said, "It's our opportunity to state our case and what we want to happen in the future so if we don't come out then we have no right to complain in the future."

Polls close at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

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