A band of roving wild turkeys has taken over New York's Staten Island, stopping traffic, making messes and terrorizing residents.

Government officials are now trying to decide what to do with the birds.

Dozens of them have been rounded up and killed since this summer, and their future is now a heated topic as Thanksgiving nears.

"We don't want to kill them. We just want them to leave us alone," resident Barbara Laing told The Associated Press.

About 50 of the turkeys converged outside her home one night, settling in for the night in one of her maple trees despite her best efforts to shoo them away.

The birds have been a menace for years, resulting in at least one arrest and schemes like coating turkey eggs with vegetable oil in hopes of preventing embryos from developing, according to the AP.

They even have their own Twitter account.

Officials are hoping to slaughter more of the birds for local food pantries, but some residents want them spared.