Green Bay Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews had the pins removed from his surgically repaired right thumb last week, according to

Matthews originally injured his thumb in Week 5 against the Detroit Lions and then had surgery, missing the following four games. He re-injured his thumb in Week 16 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Matthews missed the final week of the regular season and the wild-card loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

"I need to get healthy," Matthews told on Tuesday. "Rehab my thumb and get it back to 100 percent so that way there is no setback starting next season."

Matthews had the second surgery in late December and the thumb had been immobilized. He is now working to strengthen his thumb and get movement back.

"Little exercises as far as finger mobility," Matthews said. "I have a physical therapist who helps with loosening up those joints because it was immobilized for so long. A lot of those ligaments and tendons become real stiff along with the surgery."

The Packers' 2013 sack leader signed a five-year extension reportedly worth $65 million, including $31 million guaranteed in April, according to FOX.