Frustrations are mounting in Eagles country. Another loss Sunday makes five in a row. Is there any way to save this season?

Some fans we spoke with said it's getting tough to watch each Sunday.

"You can't really blame all of the losses on [Head Coach] Andy Reid, which it seems to be what's really happening," said Kelly Ebeling, of Emmaus, Lehigh Co.

"Every time they lose somebody, the whole team starts to crumble," said Rick Hamlen, of Barto, Berks Co.

Reid said the team is playing well in certain phases.

Michael Vick may be out with a concussion, and Reid said to get back in the win column, everyone has to try a little harder at the fundamentals of the game.

"You got to keep teaching. They've got to keep progressing," said Reid. "We got to do a better job as coaches and a better job as players."

Fans said maybe other changes need to be made.

"I'm not out for somebody's job but I think they need to do something," said Hamlen.

That something could be firing Andy Reid, but not every fan agrees with that.

"I think it's just time to let everybody get healthy and try it again," said Ebeling. "I don't think cleaning house is going to do it."

Fans said they will wait to see if Eagles ownership calls an audible and goes in a different direction over the next seven weeks. The first change could be a rookie as quarterback.

"You don't count anybody out in the National Football League," said Reid. "So, I'm surely not going to count this football team out. I feel good about this team."

Some fans said they still feel the Eagles could go on a winning streak. Others said the season looks like it's over.