at penn state. >>>wendy davis: now berks sports. here's dan. >>>dan moscaritolo:the eagles, making some early noise with a 2-0 start, notching wins over cleveland and chicago. but sunday, its one of the toughest tests they'll have all season when the pittsburgh steelers roll into lincoln financial field.birds coach doug pederson, really zeroing in on the potent steeler offense, led by quarterback ben roethlisberger.pederson, even saying today that they are almost at a different's not just big ben drawing the attention...his top target antonio brown can't be left alone. if he is, philadelphia may see some of brown's dancing with the stars moves. 3 3 "well, you've got to know where he's at. you see what they have done with him, moving him around the field in different spots. single him up; put him in bunch packages; stack packages. one thing todd does well is he moves his personnel around and he takes advantage of that. he knows what he has. you need to know where is at, but they've got some explosive guys