All roads to a Section i championship in Berks County lead through Governor Mifflin. The Mustangs have dominated the league the last three years. In fact, they haven't lost a Berks i game since 2010. >>> While Mifflin has enjoyed the successful run, the team would like to play better earlier in the season. Over the last two seasons especially, the Mustangs have been hobbled by early losses. The return of quarterback Jan Johnson and most of the backfield should help that this season.But beyond the first teamers, Mick Vecchio still has some questions.>>>>>> In Section ii, Hamburg qualified for the District iii tournament last season.But the Hawks were ousted in the first round.New head coach Damian Buggy is at the helm following a rather shaky season last year for the Hawks program, on and off the field.But a new year, brings a new chapter...and the Hawks are excited to turn the page. That started with increasing their speed and strength in the offseason.>>>>>> More on