LOOKING BACK: It was another long, long evening for Patrick as she finished a disappointing 29th at Richmond. "We were just so tight in the center of the corner," said Patrick. "We just couldn't loosen the car up enough to make the center work the way we needed to. Tony Gibson (crew chief) and the Go Daddy guys threw a lot at it, but we just couldn't get the center quite right."

ETC.: Patrick said she really enjoyed appearing on "The Colbert Report" a couple of weeks ago. "I think it is a great show," said Patrick. "It is really funny. I love his (Stephen Colbert) sense of humor. That was the first time I have been on his show. I was excited. He's a cool guy. When we got done, he came back and said good job, that was fun, sorry I went a little bit long, but I was having a good time. That's a very nice thing for him to say. I had a good time. I felt like he went kind of easy on me. It's always fun to do those kinds of things that are a little different and outside the box."