going to be labeled a dumbass, and he's got a lot of ground to make up." ...so from those eagles, to blue eagles...nazareth, started the year 1-3...here they are heading into a showdown with unbeaten emmaus at 3-3.the blue eagles do have a shot at making districts, but they know they'll have to notch a big win or two down the stretch...against a difficult schedule, no less.it all starts friday with the hornets. 3 3 "there is motivation there. we still feel like we can make that playoff. we know we gotta get at least one down the road here. we got four tough opponents coming up. but if we can find a way to get one of those things and get into the postseason, anything can happen. we had those injuries, that run of it. they came out, got healthy and back here too so, we are gaining some confidence along the road here. but this is a big