San Jose Sharks forward Raffi Torres will undergo another surgery intended to alleviate an infection in his previously repaired right knee, the team announced Wednesday.

Sharks coach Todd McLellan also disclosed that forward Joe Thornton, the team's captain since 2010, has lost that designation entering training camp in September.

Torres played in only five regular-season games last season because of the knee injury. After he had an ACL repair during the fall, an infection developed. He came back after the Olympic break and then missed more time before returning for the playoffs.

Sharks general manager Doug Wilson said Torres had a surgical procedure in Toronto recently to remove the original graft from a cadaver that was put in place during the ACL repair. The next surgery will will use his own tissue.

"Raffi has started a rehabilitation phase, but will need to repeat the surgical procedure to repair the ACL damage suffered on Sept. 20, 2013," Wilson said.

"We expect Raffi to return to the team during the 2014-15 season, but no official timeline for his return is being set at this time."

Thornton, who came to San Jose in 2005, has 740 points in 675 games for the Sharks and holds the franchise record for assists with 567.

"We are going to have a fresh slate at training camp as far as leadership goes," McLellan said. "The veteran players that were on this team last year will have to come up with the way they're going to carry themselves, the way they're going to lead. And then we'll determine who our 'C' and 'As' will be as we go forward."

Thornton will be given the opportunity in camp to regain the leadership role.

"Thornton could end up being the captain. I don't know, none of us know," McLellan said. "If it's real evident he's the guy, he'll be the captain. If there's somebody else that assumes that role and is prepared to take it on and doing a very good job, then they'll be."