tab.>>> wendy davis: Spring-Ford has been one of the premiere programs in the pac-10 over the last four years. But the Rams face a number of changes on both sides of the ball for the coming season.>>> For one, the offense won't be as explosive as we've seen in years past.It will be a more methodical, physical offense. More substance than flash.But Spring-Ford's will really be tested. The Rams have to replace all 11 starters from last year.It's a big challenge for the Rams all around, offering their young guys a chance to step up.>>>>>> More on Spring-Ford tonight at 10:30.In fact, we'll have plenty more on all our Big Ticket teams tomorrow night at 11:00.Troy, Jim and i bring you the preseason special. We'll also unveil the first Top 25 poll.We are excited for that, hope you are too. Again, that's tomorrow at 11:00.>>>