>>> Staying with hoops...the King has decided to return home...definitely a reason to dance.Lebron James says he will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in an essay he wrote on SI.com.James cites his Ohio roots and a desire to bring a title to Cleveland as defining factors in the decision.LBJ leaves the Miami Heat after 4 trips to the nba Finals and two championships with the team. Of course, he spent the first seven years of his career in Cleveland.>>> One of the biggest events on the Maple Grove calendar has arrived. The Super Chevy show is underway, with 30,000 fans expected to flock to the racetrack over the next three days.While Saturday is expected to be the busiest day of the weekend, the drag racers are out in force today competing in the time trials. The show cars have also started to flood in. Very stylish show cars, i might add. There's even some celebrities on hand, like, racing personality Brett Wagner, who's making his first trip to the Super Chevy show.>>>Rob and Wendy, pardon is my hearing disappears for the next week...I was up close and personal to the start today...my ears are still ringing. Very cool stuff out at Maple Grove this weekend. >>> rob vaughn:>>> wendy davis: