Tiger praises Philly sports fans at U.S. Open

Published: 6:47 PM EDT Jun 11, 2013

Tiger Woods had some interesting things to say when he addressed the media at the U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club on Tuesday.

Tiger said he's excited to play at Merion, calling Philadelphia "one of the great sporting towns in the country," and calling Philly sports fans "incredible."

Tiger also addressed his feud with Sergio Garcia, saying that Garcia did not apologize to him on Monday, as some had speculated.

Garcia talked briefly with Woods on Monday, but Woods said that conversation did not include an apology.

Garcia had remarked that he would serve Woods "fried chicken" after The Memorial two weeks ago, a comment Woods called "hurtful."

Garcia has since apologized through the media for the comment.

Sports Director Troy Hein has more from Tiger Woods' press conference at Merion.