Antenna Reception Problems

Our experience has been that sometimes the memory in the converter box or TV gets scrambled and a complete clearing of the channels and re-entering them fixes the problem. Please try this procedure. 

  1. Disconnect your antenna from the converter box/TV. 
  2. Run the auto-scan on your converter box/TV. 
  3. After that erases all the channels, disconnect the power cord for the converter box/TV for 1 min.
  4. Connect the antenna to the converter box/TV and plug in the power. 
  5. Rescan the channels, and see if you can receive our channels. 
If that does not work, please answer the following: 

What type of antenna are you using, indoor or outdoor roof top antenna? 

Are you using a pre-amp on your antenna? 

Please let us know your address so we can do a path study so we can calculate the signal level at your location. 

Our engineering department will work with you to resolve the problem. 
Thank you for your interest in our programs.