Beginning March 6th and then almost continuously for the next 4 years, finishing in late 2016 three of the county’s Lehigh River crossings will see major rehabilitation or will be replaced.  For much of this time at least one of the crossings will be closed.

This first project will close the Pine Street Bridge which connects Whitehall to Catasauqua.  Work will include removal of several thousand tack welds left in place from construction of the bridge as well as other welding repairs, the bridge will also be sandblasted and repainted, and new lighting will be installed.  The project should take about four months with completion expected in mid-July.  Close on its heels is the next river crossing upstream, scheduled to go to construction for a complete replacement late this year.  This is referred to as the Lehigh Street Three Bridge Replacement Project.  It involves the removal and replacement of the main river crossing along with two smaller spans.  Right of way acquisition is proceeding for this project which is in final design with letting scheduled for August 23.  This bridge connects Lehigh Street in Whitehall to Eugene Street in North Catasauqua.

The third major project, the replacement of the Coplay- Northampton Bridge, aptly named since it connects the boroughs of Coplay and Northampton.  Our plans call for construction to begin on this replacement project as soon as the new Lehigh Street spans are opened, expected in late 2014.