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Wacky News Texas Plumber

Wacky News: Texas Plumber

Wacky News for Thursday 12/18/14

Zany Facts Thursdays Randomonium

Zany Facts: Thursdays Randomonium

Zany Facts for Thursday 12/18/14

Zany Facts Artistry

Zany Facts: Artistry

Zany Facts for Wednesday 12/17/14

Amanda thanks Judy Walters for baby gifts

Amanda thanks Judy Walters for baby gifts

Amanda thanks viewer Judy Walters for handmade baby gifts.

Risa Ferman news conference

Video: News conference on killing spree investigation, suspect

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman held a news conference Tuesday to announce the discovery of Bradley Stone's body and the latest on the investigation of his alleged killing spree a day earlier.

Berks DA news conference (1)

Jace Codi/69 News

Video: DA's news conference on bail bonds 'scheme'

Berks County District Attorney John Adams held a news conference Friday to announce charges in an alleged bail bonds "scheme."
Story: DA: Company's use of phony bail bonds 'rampant' throughout Pa.

Zany Facts Good Idea Bad Idea

Zany Facts: Good Idea, Bad Idea

Zany Facts for Friday 12/12/14

Wacky News Rudolph Wisconsin

Wacky News: Rudolph, Wisconsin

Wacky News for Thursday 12/11/14

Zany Facts Creative Fashion

Zany Facts: Creative Fashion

Zany Facts for Thursday 12/11/14

One Tank Trip Santa s Stables at Hersheypark

One Tank Trip: Santa's Stables at Hersheypark

Santa's reindeer are gearing up for the big night, and the preparation happens in Pennsylvania.

Wacky News Santa in Alaska

Wacky News: Santa in Alaska

Wacky News for Wednesday 12/10/14

Zany Facts There s Always One

Zany Facts: There's Always One

Zany Facts for Wednesday 12/10/14

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