The National Hurricane Center located in Miami, Florida has six lists of names.

They use one list per year and rotate the list every sixth year.

Each list includes a name from letters in the alphabet.

They use letters A through P, R, S, T, V, and W.

These lists of names will be used over and over again.

If a particular hurricane becomes particularly deadly or costly, a committee of World Meteorological Organization members decides that name should be removed (or retired).

In those situations a new name, starting with the same first letter as the one being removed, will be issued to replace the one being removed.

Every year, the next list always begins with the letter A.

It should be noted that there are different names for each basin around the world.

If all names on a particular list are used up in the Atlantic Basin, we'd use the Greek Alphabet (as we did in the very active 2005 hurricane season).

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