What are some different types of wind names?

Posted: 11:48 AM EDT Jul 28, 2011

There are different types of wind names based on their location in the world, speed, as well as the general wind direction.

Meteorologists, scientists, and other observers of weather have given names to all types of weather phenomena.

Wind is one of those things meteorologists have studied for a long time.

While wind is essentially a mass of moving air, it's the wind direction, speed, and/or the location it's coming from or going to that often decides the name for a certain type of wind.

Many local wind systems have their own names. Here's a few!

Chinook-(easterly off the Rocky Mountains)

Santa ana-(easterly towards Southern California )

Scirocco-(southerly from North Africa to southern Europe)

Mistral-(northwesterly from central France to Mediterranean)

Marin-(south-easterly from Mediterranean to France)

Bora-(northeasterly from eastern Europe to Italy)

Gregale-(northeasterly from Greece)

Etesian-(northwesterly from Greece)

Libeccio-(southwesterly towards Italy)