who will emerge from you. we show you got some blues showing of note about is a big range in temperatures this morning got forty of okinawa at downright chilly let's be honest fifty three in reading sixty if you're commuting out for harrisburg philadelphia is well sitting at sixty degrees 60?8 somerville at 49 pots added forty nine degrees down toward jersey forty times reverend river and 54 in atlantic city into the area belvedere at forty six martins creek and forty five easton and bethlehem at forty 49 nazareth and 50? whitehall sitting at forty one on port forty seven south allentown fifty macungie he also would march down both the forty of 49 also let heartfelt plea was a fifty seven and sinking spring at fifty and 52 devon tour box mike gilbert felt sitting at forty 48? fall getting closer and closer by the day. of course six days away on the 22nd 67 in dc at twenty degree difference between us and dc forty five in syracuse fifty five boston forty up in bangor maine sixty 66 in chicago 74 in st. louis very mild conditions there are so once again the warmth into the midwest a good deal sunshine in philadelphia today the afternoon i is 80. not much in the way of wind as we going to new york to a 76? pleasant mostly sunny skies and very similar to yesterday's couple of degrees milder really is the only difference is that high shifts a little bit off toward the so another beautiful day today. we got those uncomfortable skies tonight clear conditions no question of beautiful evening to take a stroll things like that. now next front of boundary does bring rain in by sunday. perhaps late saturday night there can be you know, shower thunderstorms sunday a couple of showers and storms it may actually be depending on the timing of the front sunday night may end up being the wettest time. if that front is just a little bit slower with some of the models have been hinting out again we continue to see the remnants of the julia down here most of that off the coast ino the length very quiet though across our particular region with generally clear skies artless over the future satellite and radar quite in the short term of generally good amount of sunshine will be some cloud issues as we get into the afternoon hours and into the evening back to the west meant tomorrow they'll be some clouds of start to move on and here's tomorrow afternoon at five o'clock you can see everything back toward the west window really expect anything to occur at that point but here sunday night at ten you can see some of that stuff starting to move in from the north and the west as the front gets a little bit closer friday night football kickoff 70 halftime sixty 66 rhizome 61 no low problems whatsoever and the schoolday forecast in the whim of signatures in the lower 50s mainly clear little bit on the cool side for the kids pleasant with plenty of sunshine beautiful afternoon and seventy seven 77 the scotus 79 mostly sunny and pleasant wind, about 48 mi./h lowest night in the loan of 50s very comfortable mainly clear and the rest of the seven-day forecast for tomorrow temperatures into the lower eighties no precipitation during the day but later at night and then during the day sunday or sunday nights couple of showers >>>jacielnd storms