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Christie talks Hurricane Sandy relief 6 months later

Christie talks Hurricane Sandy relief 6 months later

It's been six months since Hurricane Sandy hit the state of New Jersey.

Some rebuilding has already started and Governor Chris Christie says there will be a major change coming as workers build a dune system.

The state of New Jersey just received 1.8 billion dollars in federal aid on Monday.

The money will be used to rebuild homes, open businesses and draw tourists to the Jersey Shore.

"This state sustained $30 billion in damage after Hurricane Sandy," said Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey.

Now the Garden State is on the comeback trail.

Christie spoke to a packed gymnasium during a town hall meeting in Long Beach Township.

The good news, $1.8 billion is ready to be dispersed to residents looking for help rebuilding their homes and businesses.

"We can now start working on using that money to try and help rebuild and restore the state beyond what we are already," said Christie.

Christie told the crowd that $600 million will be used for homeowners and business owners.

People will have to apply for the grant via the web or call special numbers set up by the state.

The governor added that $25 million will be dedicated to promoting New Jersey.

He says commercials will be on televisions, and radios up and down the east coast.

"To let folks know that the Jersey shore is reopened and ready for business and that we want people," added Christie. "We want people to come back to the shore and we want them to come back to the shore this summer."

When you go to the shore, Christie says expect it to look a lot different, but the shore will still be the heartbeat of the state.

He says the state of New Jersey needs to take precautions and protect homeowners and businesses.

"I'm going to be building a dune system from Cape May to the Bayshore to protect the property not only of the people on the beach but the people behind the beach," said Christie.

Christie says the $1.8 billion won't be the only aid.

He has applied for more grants from the government and told the crowd money is on the way.

If you are checking to see if you are eligible for Sandy aid go to

Homeowners can also call 855-Sandy-HM (855-726-3946) & Business owners can call 855-Sandy-BZ (855-726-3929)

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