Cooler weather on tap for coming week, but why?

Cooler weather on tap for coming week, but why?

Remember the "polar vortex," that weather phenomenon that brought us all the cold and snow this winter? Well, some forecasters say it's back. Sort of.

What better way to cool off on a steamy summer day than a dip in the fountain?

"It's nice," said Kari Walters, who took her kids to the Promenade Shops in Lehigh County.  "It's a beautiful day."

"It's a little warm sitting here, but it's not too bad," said Justine Krausz of Easton.

Not that anyone's complaining after our brutal winter -- all caused by a phenomenon called the "polar vortex," where a deep pool of Arctic air plunges south.

"It was very cold," said Krausz.  "A lot of snow."

"All that snow we had -- that's terrible," added Phyllis Diehl.  "Hopefully we don't get another one this year."

Guess what.  Forecasters say something of a summertime polar vortex could be headed this way next week.

"I don't think, in this case, I would call it a 'polar vortex,'" said 69 News meteorologist Mark Shanaberger.  "It's just really unseasonably cool air."

Shanaberger said the upcoming pattern is similar to what we saw this winter, but temperatures will only bottom out in the 50s at night across much of the region.  Some parts of the Midwest, where the coolest air will settle, could be significantly chillier.

"Wow! That sounds really crazy for summer," said Alison Horner of Macungie, Lehigh County.  "Not what I was expecting!"

Plenty of people welcome the news.

"Perfect for running," said Trish Hanna of Fogelsville.

With very chilly air just to our west, and hot, humid air to our south, Shanaberger said the bigger threat could be severe weather next week.

"Torrential downpours, which could cause flash flooding," he said.  "We could be dealing with hail and damaging winds."

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