Driving instructor offers tips for safer travel in snow

Posted: 4:33 PM EST Dec 09, 2013   Updated: 5:31 PM EST Dec 09, 2013
car driving in winter snow ice

Slick and icy conditions greeted drivers on the road Monday morning, and more snow was expected Tuesday.

"I give myself space. Try to go under the limit if I can. I suggest for everyone to do the same," said driver Victor Ramos.

It's advice driving instructor Andre Wilkerson gives to students.

"If you're going over 25 miles per hour in inclement weather, you can easily hydroplane when you try to stop," he stated.

Wilkerson said stay one to two car lengths behind the car in front of you, keep 10 miles under the suggested speed limit and pump your breaks instead of slamming them.

"Most of the time people lose control because they are braking too hard," Wilkerson said.

For those with a lead foot even in snow, Wilkerson said keep your car in a lower gear, or L, for those who have it.

"If you have your car in L, it will only go 25 miles per hour. This will keep you from going too fast in the snow," Wilkerson said.

So when the icy, slick weather hits, keeping a safe distance, pumping your brakes and driving slowly are the keys, Wilkerson said, to safe travel in the snow.

"So if you do lose control of the vehicle, you just tap another car instead of going really fast and causing $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 worth of damage or possibly hurting or killing someone," he said.