a real good time. seven it's fun, fun is appointed to seventy degrees is a current humid with that temperatures of the most part either lower seventies or at least well into the sixties and a lot of the area. the dew .67 humidity is ninety percent winds are calm pressures at thirty. zero one but some of the rain has been heavy enough to cause some localized flooding. we have seen that a lot of thunder out there is a lot of lightning out there. there's nothing severe or just general showers and storms but the boy there's been a lot of thunder lightning it's pretty loud as i just heard sixty five mount pocono sixty nine in redding 71 lancaster artless take care of you commuters 71 in harrisburg up at scranton were 70 sussex 71 newark at 75 affiliate 76 along with wilmington, pottstown currently at seventy three 73? as we zoom in here will show you some more temperature sixty nine martins creek easton and nazareth 70 in bethlehem into new jersey belvidere's and sixty eight and stewartville 71 along with kingwood kit brazil seventy get brazil 72 back here in the macungie work sixty seven 67 berks county only at 74 which is the warmest temperature by far fleetwood sixty seven along with len lynn hartsville as well. i will check temperatures right now across the eastern half of the nation will once again the coolest air right here into the northern plains and into the northwest omaha sixty six st. louis and sixty four detroit's and sixty one charleston sixty eight 64 detroit and 61 charleston 68 were 77 in dc 22 enrichment and 76 currently in charlotte so pretty mild start over let's go to philly today overlooked affiliates and 80? occasional rain and a thunderstorm. there those wins are not much but out of the south of forty eight 48 so it's not overly hot but it is on the human side those two points are well into the 60s, so you'll notice that as you step out occasional rainfall thunderstorm in new york i temperature there of eighty degrees 80? artless check your headlines as we move on through today it's basically for us at least a lot of the rain and thunderstorm activity actually occurs here during the morning hours and then there still will be an occasional shower or two that can move on through during the afternoon but here's what we've got as far as rainfall totals are concerned or you add an additional compensate quarter to a half an inch some places may approach approach ranch and let's be honest this is much-needed rainfall it's coming during the early morning and from the overnight. as well. a terrible title of your commuter anyone just be a little bit careful on your way out because some of the rain is certainly heavy enough to cause some flooding shower to this afternoon and it will be a warm week ahead across the area thankfully down here things are finally quieted down into the midwest and parts of the south plant can see as far as were concerned this is what were dealing with a big blob of precipitation as it moves on through the air you can see all of the oranges and reds that we are currently dealing with himself enough some of the strangest heavy enough to cause some of that flood so watch for right a young showers, thunderstorms basically this morning and then into the i would say into the afternoon, the be a shower or two left over, but then later tonight you know after some rainfall later today there'll be a little bit of a break and then tuesday aside from some morning fog it'll be warm and look at these temperatures tuesday wednesday thursday friday middle 80 as we broderick autumn is in the >>>m