Helping clear snow is community event in Easton neighborhood

Helping clear snow is community event in Easton neighborhood

EASTON, Pa. - Cleaning up after the storm is a community effort in one neighborhood in Easton.

It's an exercise in teamwork that begins at the crack of dawn.

The group told 69 News it wants to set an example for other neighborhoods. It may mean a little extra work, but people said it's worth the effort.

They cranked up the snow-blowers at daybreak.

"We're the snow-blower guys and we put it where it's got to go," said resident, Mike Plummer. "As you see, it's limited space."

Others grabbed shovels and got to work.

"Skiing, ice skating yesterday, shoveling snow today," added Rick Hixon, visiting from North Carolina. "So it's all good."

All of these people have a connection to the 700 block of West Lincoln Street in Easton. They either own a home on it or they're visiting family.

The one thing they all have in common is helping each other battle old man winter.

"I think it's great," said Hixon. "Everybody is helping out each other. Helping clean a handicap spot right now for some folks here, so it's really good. Everybody is helping each other out. It's real nice."

The group said the city of Easton does a great job clearing snow, but they do the work before the city comes down the street so they don't get plowed in.

"We have too many cars on this block to put piles between them and this is what we do," said Plummer.

From the youngest participating in their first community project to the experienced snow veteran, these people said there is only one way to do things on West Lincoln Street, together.

"We depend on each other, and that's what neighborhoods are all about in my opinion," said Plummer.

There were a dozen people on the the street working Friday morning. It took the group about five hours to clean up the block.

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