High heat, humidity on tap for first full week of summer

High heat, humidity on tap for first full week of summer

We are diving head first into the first full week of summer, and temperatures are living up to the season. 

We could be headed for a heat wave this week as people all over the region try to keep cool.

Temperatures surged Monday. The hot and humid weather had folks sweating.

"It's very hot, but cloudy and I feel really hot," explained 10-year-old Lashea Johnson.

"Hot," laughed 13-year-old Derek Morales.  "Really, really hot."

The blazing sunshine had many people looking for a way to cool off.

"Just came outside with my kids because it's really hot," shared mom Wanda Vasquez.

"We came down to enjoy the sprinklers, get wet," added grandmother Susan Baker.  "And let her play with all these other kids."

The Bucky Boyle spray park is one of two in Allentown. The city also has four operating pools, but there's nowhere else the kids wanted to be with Monday's sunny skies.

"Because there's more activities to do instead of like one thing, your just in the pool," said Morales.  "So it's more fun to come here than the pool."

"You have a lot more things to do here instead of just swimming," agreed 10-year-old Jaedyn Munoz.

"Because you get to run around," smiled Johnson.  "When you're at a pool you just get to swim."

But not all adults agreed. Last May, the Allentown City Council passed a resolution promising city residents swimming pools close to where they live.  So far, no plan has been presented to make that a reality.

"Yeah, we would wish for a pool," explained mom Cristal Bonilla. "Because it'll be more entertaining, I guess. That way the parents can have fun, too."

"The population has grown considerably since I was a kid," added Baker.  "So there's a lot more kids they need more pools."

A study was also done last year evaluating the city's pools.  It recommended more than $10 million in renovations and repairs. 

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