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TSHenri path

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Henri evolves into tropical storm

Tropical Storm Henri became the eight named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season Wednesday, according to the Weather Channel.

The storm is moving slowly north and poses no…

Hurricane Arthur landfall


Arthur weakens to tropical storm

Hurricane Arthur made landfall in North Carolina late on July 3, but it did not dawdle over the coastline to vandalize neighborhoods for long. By Friday morning, it had weakened…

Japan 2011 earthquake damage

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Best ways to donate after tragedies

The devastation following a disaster like Typhoon Haiyan often compels people around the world to want to help. Find out the most effective ways you can give so victims get the…

Families struggling after typhoon


Families struggle after typhoon

The Philippine government says more than 2 million people need emergency food supplies. Amid the devastation, families are coping with the loss of loved ones -- and in some cases,…


Hurricane categories 1-5 explained

The Saffir-Simpson scale rates hurricane strength on a 1 to 5 scale. Here is what those categories mean.


5 deadliest hurricanes wreaked havoc

Hurricanes that cause extreme destruction are rare, but when they do occur, they can cause significant property damage and/or thousands of fatalities.

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Hurricane Resources

Online hurricane resources

The following sites provide useful data during tropical activity.

Hurricane prep checklist

Hurricane Sandy early Saturday afternoon


Are you ready for a hurricane? Read through the following checklist to make sure you're ready before a storm hits your neighborhood.