james gloria and his team of young artists. >>>chandi lowry: just you know wasn't too bad it was a little bit warmer than what we saw yesterday little bit more cloud cover out there but we didn't stay dry was still fairly comfortable did you point those we had to tonight will continue to be on the rise showers and3 thunderst3 orms on the way to the second half of the weekend tomorrow not looking quite as nice as what we did see today but we could use the rain have been a bit dry so it will be beneficial not as high temperatures of course over the3 past couple of days have been absolutely beautiful we saw greek conditions through thursday and friday to an outer work week you're so very comfortable in a little bit of a taste of fall two thousand crisper conditions to do right woes have fallen back down into the forties and bought the time so thoroughly bit cooler as we ended our week today. temperatures didn't get back up into the low 80s for spots right now. temperatures are sitting in the upper 70s for most of us, 79? in allentown, 78 in reading 77 back links are still at 81? in philadelphia and we are seeing a bit more cloud cover out there to reporting mainly cloudy skies across most viewing area right now the temperature trend taking us overnight tonight brings her low temperature is only back down into the mid-60s, and then tomorrow temperatures to climb back up towards the lower 80s. once again the dew points right now are sitting around 60? as we head through the opening. the dewpoint will continue to rise. we will be humid tonight and tomorrow to feel a bit more mugging us out there. that's all ahead of this cold front is that advancing towards her area for today and continue to slowly push its way eastward. it's a very slow moving fronts was beheaded throughout the day on sunday were to be dealing with some showers and periods of rain and thunderstorm activity even it has began to monday to allow that activity is expected to still linger as we head into monday's upfront again slowly take the time, pushing its way through the satellite radar right now does still show a fairly quiet picture for the viewing area couple of spotty showers not too far away within further backs were wet through the bulk of that activity all with this boundary is continuing to push its way eastward were seeing the showers without your rainfall at times and this continues to move in with her start to see some shower activity russian parts of our viewing area late tonight it's not really until i think after midnight or so even closer to daybreak on sunday we start to see some of the showers especially from the north and west pushing inward outspent in rainfall as beheaded through tomorrow and write through the day monday until things come to an end to generally between a half an inch to an interest old rainfall the euro now back up over and into the outlier but generally between half an inch to an interest or bring me expected in the future satellite and radar timing everything out forth you can see we do stay mainly dry this evening and later tonight as we head over night into sunday start to see some of those showers working apart in the parts the area and throughout the day sunday as we head for the afternoon and evening i think that's when we'll see the wettest time. in terms of periods of rainfall and thunderstorm activity and it lingers still overnight into the day on monday but it still be dealing with some showers or even a thunderstorm around to the temperature trend taking us into next week does keep us a bit on the warm side care to our average hybrid is now only seventy five degrees so low eighties this weekend close to eighty as we start work