Keep your car cool in this heat without breaking the bank

Cars in the heat

It's no surprise the hot weather has us running the AC on full blast -- not just in our homes --but in our cars as well.

But just how efficient are you at keeping your car cool?

Your vehicle, unlike a home,  has absolutely no insulation and is covered in glass, letting the UV rays from the sun make it feel like a sauna when you first open the door.

So we asked Don Wruble, owner of U.S. Automotive in Allentown, how to save on gas despite these unbearable temperatures.

Wruble says there are things you can do to make driving in the summer heat a little more tolerable.

"If you park in the shade or leave the windows down, it's not going to save you's just going to make it that much faster to cool the car off once you get in it," he said.

Wruble says it also doesn't matter how high you have your A.C. turned on.

"What the speed does is just a regular fan like you have at home-- there's high, medium and low.  It doesn't change anything with the fuel milage, so it's just what your comfort zone is in the car," he said.

And if you avoid using your air conditioner because of a funny smell, Wruble says it may be a clogged cabin air cleaner.

"That's usually dirt and grime in the duct system caused by debris falling on the hood or in the cowl area parking under trees. Or just regular road dust when you're driving down the highway," he said.

Finally, if you have it, use the recirculation button.  Wruble says the max air button also does the trick.

"Then you're just recirculating the air in the cabin so the colder that gets, the colder it'll keep getting," he said.

Simple tips that won't make your drive any cheaper but definitely cooler.

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