It will be even warmer Tuesday afternoon and will likely challenge record high temperatures in the lower- to mid-80s with mostly sunny skies.

Tuesday's record high temperature in Allentown is 81, set in 1963; Reading's record is 85, set in 1908.

Skies will remain pretty clear Tuesday night as temperatures drop to only the low-60s.

Wednesday will be another warm, record-challenging day with a mix of sun and clouds.

The records for Wednesday are 82 in Allentown, set in 1963, and 84 in Reading, also set in 1963. If we don't set or tie the record high temperatures, it's going to be awfully close both days.

By the end of the week, the pattern will change by bringing in more clouds with a few showers or a little rain. Temperatures will also slowly return to normal, which is low- and mid-60s, for this weekend with some sunshine.