Region braces for Hurricane Sandy's impact in coming days

Region prepares for worst from Hurricane Sandy

With Hurricane Sandy set to slam the East Coast, crews in eastern Pennsylvania are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best.

Tom Nervine, the director of emergency services in Lehigh County, is hoping luck holds out, but he's preparing for the worst Sandy might bring.

"We've learned to use as many resources as possible, as many ways as possible," said Nervine, talking about lessons learned from Hurricane Irene.

That includes checking shelter capabilities, especially near area's prone to flooding.

Meanwhile, residents are preparing, too. Anna Rivera and her husband, Albert, purchased extra propane Friday.

"Maybe lose some electricity like last year in that nasty storm we had in October," Rivera said.

Emergency crews strongly advise you to prepare, too, recommending you have supplies for at least 72 hours, which include canned food and water and extra medication. Also, having your own emergency plan and staying informed are advised.

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