Road crews and Met-Ed preparing for winter storm

Road crews and Met-Ed preparing for winter storm

Road crews are waiting and watching what this storm does too. Thursday was all about preparation.

With a winter storm warning in effect, road crews were loading up their trucks in Greenwich Township.

"We premix salt and anti-skid at a 1 to 3 ratio," said Harry Hoppes, roadmaster.

Hoppes said his trucks will have plenty of traction.

"We put the chains on the trucks," said Hoppes, "We always run chains because we have a lot of hills."

Preparation was what happened the day before.

"Then we'll park the trucks till tomorrow morning and see what the temperature is going to be and the precipitation," said Hoppes.

Power companies were also in preparation mode.

"We decided last night to move those crews on Thursday, today," said Scott Surgeoner of FirstEnergy.

FirstEnergy serves people up in Northern Pennsylvania and it moved around crews from other states like West Virginia and Maryland to be in place for potential power outages.

"That's what you worry about in storms like this the heavier moisture laden snow that brings down power lines brings down trees branches and tree limbs," said Surgeoner.

Their forecasters have been watching all week.

"Today was the travel day," said Surgeoner, "Tomorrow is when we believe the rain starts and at some point it's suppose to change over to snow. That timing will really determine where we send those crews."

Crews in Exeter Township don't need to travel beyond their borders. The highway superintendent, Clarence Hamm said their trucks are also prepared and loaded with salt.

"As soon as it starts we'll get right back after it again and keep after it," said Hamm.

Road crews and power crews are prepared. And you can do the same thing. Prepare for the potential of losing power-- have a radio, gallons of water and blankets.

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