Snow forces change of routine for many

Snow forces change of routine for many

A "messy Monday" made travel tricky and canceled school for many students around the region.

Snow, sleet and freezing rain kept road crews busy and made drivers take it slow.

It was one guy behind the other shoveling snow off the sidewalks outside the Reading Public Museum.

"It worked out pretty nice. It gets done pretty efficiently," said Matthew Lionti, who was one of several guys who put in community service hours.

It was a team effort at the museum, but in West Reading, Lori Phillips was out by herself sweeping away the snow.

"It gets you outside, it gets you exercise. I just like the snow," said Phillips, who also helped clear off the sidewalks for her neighbors.

Phillips decided to walk to work Monday, but many people were forced to clear off the car and hit the roads to make it into the office. Traffic was a slow-go in the morning, and the wet roads created some tricky travel conditions. 

The messy weather earned Kaelen Grater a day off from school and a shopping trip out with dad.

"I was happy. We don't get a lot of days off," said Grater.

The Lowe's in Exeter Township was bustling with business Monday. A "Snow Day Special" had workers re-stocking bags of salt, and shovels were sold quickly.

Once the snow moved out, the rain moved in, and construction workers like Tom Reed had to work through it all.

"It's not too bad when it's not downpouring. It's a little cold, but not too bad," said Reed.

Road crews tried to stay ahead of the storm. PennDOT prepared for the morning mess late Sunday night, and crews were out salting the roads early Monday morning, said officials.

Crews were on standby and monitored the conditions to make sure the roads did not ice over.

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