Some road salt supplies low ahead of nuisance snow

Some road salt supplies low ahead of nuisance snow

Old man winter is taking a big bite out of snow patrol budgets around the region.

Although we have not seen as much snow as some areas of the country, the small storms that have impacted our area still cost municipalities a lot of money because, as Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., road supervisor Harry Hoppes said, salt is not cheap.

"We can't afford to put all salt down. Salt is $62 a ton, where anti-skid is $9.75 a ton," said Hoppes.

Just this past weekend alone, Greenwich Township dumped about 100 tons of salt on 90 miles of road, said Hoppes, adding that the township is currently 50 tons short.

Hoppes said he's hoping the township will receive a 100-ton shipment by Wednesday morning. If not, Hoppes has a go-to plan.

"If we have to pick it up ourselves, we will," said Hoppes.

Maxatawny Township road master Richard Grim said the township used about 150 tons of salt, combined with quarter-inch stones, called anti-skid.

Anti-skid, Grim said, comes in handy, especially when running low on salt.

"We have enough for a storm for tomorrow [Wednesday] night. Hopefully, it won't take that much, but we will do what we have to do," said Grim.

Grim said the township ordered more salt and expected to add about 100 tons into the mix by Thursday, at the latest. Although the township faces challenges when the supplies run low, Grim said the main goal is safety for all who venture out on the roads.

"That's what we strive for," said Grim.

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