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Storm preps underway across the region

Storm preps underway across the region

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Most folks at the grocery store shopping Thursday tell 69 News they're just doing their normal weekly food run. But management at the Wegmans on Tilghman Street in Allentown say they've already made some changes to get ready for the snow.

Carts are full and there are lines to check out. Folks have been steadily coming through the door all day.

"Just so happens that we usually shop on Thursday," shared David Gottfried. "So it just worked out that way."

But this Thursday there were some extra items in Gottfried's cart. He's making sure the house is stocked for the coming storm.

"Stuff to make waffles and all that good stuff in case we're snowed in," he said.

And he's not alone. Shoppers want to be ready for whatever mother nature throws at us.

"Milk, bread, snacks for the kids," said Kristin Dinder. "Unfortunately I have a sick little guy at home so just making sure he's taken care of."

Local grocery stores like Wegmans appreciate getting a head up about a major weather event heading our way.

"As long as we know 24 hours ahead we can start making changes," explained Store Manager Michael Kier.

He says the store will sell more of everything, and they make sure to order more of the hot items.

"We were able to get a hold of our milk venders and our bake shop and make sure that we have extra bread," added Kier.

Extra workers have also been called in to handle the boom. The store expects to be busy until the storm starts.

"Making sure you have enough customer service folks to make sure the shelves get stocked and take care of the customers when they're here."

Management says they have a full supply of salt, shovels and ice scrapers.

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