ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case

No. 1: ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case & Stand

If you're a techie at all, you probably already have an iPad, and have realized how great this lightweight item is for travel. To enhance your iPad-ing experience, you'll want to get a case, stand and keyboard. But now, you can get all three in one.

The ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case and Stand, available for $119 from, has a Bluetooth keyboard so you can easily write your travel memoirs from anywhere.

Flip the keyboard over and you've got a stand that will hold your iPad at the perfect angle so you can watch a film on the plane. Close the case completely to protect your iPad beneath the matte black surface while on the move.

Right now, the product is only compatible with the first-generation iPad, but ClamCase's website says they'll soon be releasing one for the iPad 2.

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