Trainer offers tips to staying warm while exercising in cold

Trainer offers tips to staying warm while exercising in cold

Frigid temperatures are driving a lot of athletes indoors. Still, some are determined to tough it out no matter how cold it gets. 

"If it's above 35 degrees, I really love to be outside," said Silvia Hoffman, of Allentown."I try to get out maybe two times, three times a week if I am training for a run."

Some say the problem with the temperature being this cold is no one is outside working out.

"It's way way too cold," added Hoffman. "I'd much rather be inside working out. I don't want to break my routine."

"I suggest you wear a lot of layers, not thick layers, but thin layers," said Jenn Belch, a trainer at 24/7 Fitness in South Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co.

If people are still continuing to go outside and work out, she advised they look for a special type of clothing when wearing all those layers.

"Make sure it has a wicking property to it," said Belch. "So that the sweat isn't staying on your body when your core gets wet. That's when you are really going to get cold and hypothermia will tend to set in."

Trainers said it's safe for people to be running in these conditions, but they also need to make sure they remember to drink water.

"People think that since you are in the cold, you are not sweating as much, but actually you are and that can be dangerous," said Belch.

Another good tip is, trainers said, have some extra clothes and put them on after you finish sweating and before you head to your vehicle.

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