>>>eve russo: now let's take a look at your forecast. >>jaciel cordoba: wfmz's lauren kusik commute you definitely some fog out there so low be answering them on all so keep in mind that the leaves are starting to fall there could be some leaves on the ground with the fog plays critics and slick conditions on the roadway so it's that time of the year when the leaves start to fall even lower temperatures today i will go into the eighties it still feels like summer even though looks like the season is starting to change yesterday only needed to buy seventy six degrees of course we got that welcomed rainfall less than an inch here in allentown but a rotting surpassed two inches of rain so certainly some much-needed rain any rainfall. we will definitely take aperture is now the are in the mid- sixties this morning sixty five in allentown sixty six degrees in writing so because it's warm for this time the year we have some all moisture placed her in yesterday that's what we have the fog out there this morning and it will be the case over the next few mornings will have these warmer starts with a lingering moisture after the morning and then it will dissolve or burn off later on during the afternoon it'll take some time though in some spots the mid- sixties now mid-60s now compared to yesterday morning. we are live a cooler seal deftly chelated out 5? cooler in allentown then yesterday morning you're about 3? cooler in writing compared to yesterday. the fog is low-level clouds. the satellite picking up on the higher clouds the once the low-level clouds or not i think were still in his seat some clouds around now looks like the clouds as we pulled about about archive pushing off towards the eastern holding down towards the south and on the rain is well the rain stays at the year yet the cloud cover today will be the issue i think the farther south and east you go back through a few more clouds and in some clearing taking place as the go throughout the day once we get through this area a goofy there's really not a lot going on yes there's a cold front relatively weak he could see it extended upwards north really not too whopping doubts with activity sweeping through our area anytime soon our next cold front holds off until friday night into saturday morning so until then expect fairly pleasant condition the pattern is fog in the morning then burning off and giving weight isn't sunshine less humid it's on the map but it's slowly working its way and so by tomorrow the humidity should drop off a bit you'll notice that this afternoon the main were that were going for today is deftly warm here your high temperature is made eighties expected from the poconos to philly even towards the jersey shore two eighty six in allentown this afternoon eighty seven free writing tonight temperatures fall back down at the sixties once again look out for the fog forming once again tomorrow they temperatures made eighties expected once again and now look to be the pattern as he finished out the week the temperatures are running five to ten degrees above normal we talked 80s expected once again and now looks to be the pattern at the finish out the week. the temperatures are running 5 to 10? above normal. we talked about the humidity will call it moderately humid. just because it's up there today and is a go throughout the next few days. it'll start, just drop off a little bit fall officially starts on thursday but i think it'll take some time for that cooler weather tool ride it arise for the weekend so that then it'll feel like fall around here, but until then, enjoy the left of leave the summer that we have left i give you the cloud cover deftly the issue going throughout the day but most of a cloud holding east and south of the area were right on the edge of that life is amenable. watch closely to go throughout the day once the fog burns off here's your day tomorrow. mostly sunny skies expected your thursday mostly sunny skies expected and like he saw that that wind of showers mainly up to the north all of that holds up to the north of that fire were not calling for any rain until friday night into saturday morning and enough to school this morning partly cloudy areas of fog so then watch out for some of the fleas that on the roadways temperatures are in the mid- sixties pending home form was signed temperature is going into the made eighties if eighty six this afternoon area the fog this morning. very warm and humid with some of that sunshine returning during the afternoon i tonight namely clear some of the fog will form once again especially later during the overnight. here's the seven-day forecast made eighties expected over the next feeding if you know it looks like it's a fairly similar pattern until about the weekend so temperature lukewarm is in the weather center. 3 apache morning fog been turning >>>jaciel cordoba: mostly sunny friday night into