Ways to beat the winter blues

Ways to beat the winter blues

They don't call them the winter blues for nothing.

All this snow is starting to take a toll on some of us, so how do you keep from getting more depressed with every falling snowflake?

It may not be the worst winter on record yet, but for some of us it sure feels like it.

"It's normal for people to kinda get if you will bummed out or depressed but it's not really a major depression it's more of an adjustment to the weather," said St. Luke's Psychotherapist Stuart Horowitz.

Whether you have seasonal affective disorder or you've just had it up to here with shoveling snow, medical experts say there are ways to keep things positive until the polar caps on your front lawn thaw.

One of the best ways is to make sure you get regular exercise.

"Whatever you can do it's going to be a great mood changer endorphins really do help that, they are released during the workout," said Alex with 24/7 Fitness in Bethlehem.

Eating right and getting enough sleep also top the list, along with staying social.

Make plans with friends and look forward to activities like that beach vacation this spring.

You can't control the weather, but taking control of your to-do list may give your spirits a boost, whether it's fixing something around the house or starting your spring cleaning early by sorting out your closets.

Experts say when you know a snow storm is coming, being prepared can take some of the stress away, and if the blues hang around when the temperatures warm up, talk to your doctor.

"Remember it's going to end. Okay? We are going to dig ourselves out and we are going to get back to our routine," said Horowitz.

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