10 Day Forecast

  • Saturday

    61° / 32°
    Sun Mixed with High Clouds 0%
  • Sunday

    65° / 34°
    Milder with Plentiful Sunshine 0%
  • Monday

    66° / 38°
    Mostly Sunny and Pleasant 0%
  • Tuesday

    64° / 48°
    Sun Giving Way to Clouds 20%
  • Wednesday

    57° / 49°
    Cloudy with Periods of Rain 80%
  • Thursday

    64° / 42°
    AM Showers; Some PM Sun 30%
  • Friday

    65° / 41°
    Clouds and Sun with a Shower 30%
  • Saturday

    63° / 38°
    Mostly Cloudy, Shower Possible 30%
  • Sunday

    62° / 45°
    Breezy with Clouds and Sun 0%
  • Monday

    64° / 47°
    Partly Cloudy, Breezy 30%
Weather Forecast Discussion

A warmer weekend with plenty of sunshine

Next chance of rain arrives late Tuesday

TODAY: Not as chilly, with sunshine mixed with some high clouds. High: 61


TONIGHT: Clear to partly cloudy and cold. Low: 32


SUNDAY: Even milder with abundant sunshine. High: 65



The work week was certainly not a pleasant one in terms of the weather, but at least we ended it on a *relatively* high note. We saw plenty of sunshine, but a stiff northwest breeze still had it feeling quite chilly, especially for this time of the year. Highs on Friday only reached the low 50s, which is slightly more than 10 degrees below the late April average, and with the winds gusting between 25 and 35 miles per hour, it felt even colder through much of the day. Having that said, when we consider that the warmest temperatures this week were the mid 50s on Monday with rain, I think most would take the trade-off of a few degrees for the return of the sunshine.


The sunnier sky we saw yesterday is all thanks to a strong high pressure system building into the area from the Great Lakes and Midwest. This high will help clear out most of the clouds and bring a good amount of sunshine to the region over the weekend and into Monday. There will be some high, thin, wispy clouds this afternoon, but they will just filter a little of the sunshine instead of blocking it out entirely.  As the high remains to our west, the clockwise flow around it will circulate air in from the northwest, which will counteract the effects of the late April sunshine and moderate the temperatures a bit. However, as the high builds overhead on Sunday and pushes off to the east early in the week, temperatures will gradually climb and the breeze will die down. Daytime highs will climb from near 60 degrees today and into the mid 60s on Sunday. They will eventually peak in the mid 60s on Monday, when it will likely be our first above average highs since those 80s last weekend. The only downside to high pressure is clear skies at night usually leads to pretty chilly mornings. For the next few nights, it is not a bad idea to bring in some of you spring plants that are sensitive to below freezing temperatures.


Tuesday will be a transition day from high pressure to low pressure as we hang onto the warmth with highs mid 60s, but we see the dry conditions and sunshine gradually fade away as two areas of low pressure converge over the Middle Atlantic. This convergence will be sloppy as a low moves up the Eastern Seaboard and another makes its way across the Great Lakes, but struggle to merge initially. Eventually, they will merge, but that will happen too late and too far northeast for us. So while the day will be dry on Tuesday, the area will begin seeing some showers Tuesday night, which will develop into some steadier rain heading into Wednesday. We should see a lull in the action before another low and cold front move in later in the work week. While unsettled, this period will be near or slightly above average temperature-wise. That means that the precipitation will come in the form of rain and it looks like we have seen the last of the flakes for this season.


Have a fantastic weekend rest of your weekend!

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